How To Get Over Depression - Depression Solutions & Treatment


For over ten years, I've been treating clients providing them depression solutions in my therapy practice on how to get over depression. These paitents are mainly dealing with symptoms of depression. Many of them come to me 'not themselves', 'unmotivated about life' or 'feeling hopeless'. Some can see how stress has broken them while others are not sure what's going on or why they are feeling this way. Trying to find solutions for depression, some have been in therapy before or are taking natural remedies or medication but are no further along in their ability to manage their depression. They ask "Is this chemical or circumstantial", which is a complicated question to answer.

These are some of the questions I hear: Why am I not getting better? Who succeeds at overcoming depression? What do they do differently than me? Why do some people get better when I don't? How do I know when the treatment on depression solutions is working?

I'm a licensed psychotherapist. I've spent many hours listening to people talk about the deepest and darkest areas of their lives. I know that individuals wish they weren't inflicted with deep pain and sadness, whether circumstantial or biochemical. I haven't met a client yet who didn't wish they weren't feeling this way and longed for the pain to go away.

But what do most people do about it? They search the internet for answers on how to get over depression, try talking to friends to get solutions for depression, look at nutrition or exercise solutions, or just give in and self-medicate on food, alcohol, or other things that dull their senses even further. And sure, once individuals get into therapy or try medications, they might improve somewhat. But doing this without understanding their level of depression and how to approach the treatment options may result in a more difficult to treat situation and discouragement which could lead to more depression.

I'm here to let you know, with a great deal of compassion and encouragement, that it doesn't have to be this way.